Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kosi Maa, do not stray

Finally, I found a blogger who is blogging from the place itself. Thank you, Sudipto.

Its a blog by one of our friends Pushyamitra who is there in North-east Bihar region and writing his experience everyday.
Please visit http://biharbaadh.blogspot.com/ to have an account of true mayhem.

The disaster in North-eastern Bihar is not just a flood, but its a serious natural calamity of changing of path of a river. This calamity has caused 40 lakh people displaced and homeless for about two years, until the dam is repaired and river goes back to its old path. In such condition unless each District of whole country reaches out for helping aid the rehabilitation of displaced is not possible. There is no such campaign running to support or provide aids to the people as in previous natural calamities. Possibly because of declaration of Central Government of providing aid of Rs1000 Crore. Though, this package for 24 lakh displaced persons would be very insufficient, as this also includes the repair of dam and relief campaign. In such case, there is less than Rs.2,000/- per person would be available for relief and rehabilitation. This becomes our responsibility to help them and shows our humanity towards other human being.


If you want to help them, then you can collect the relief material and send to us or, you are welcome to affected area to distribute your relief material among flood victims. We assure you to help in all the possible ways at local level. Details of urgently needed relief Matterials as below :

Food Materials : Drinking water, Clorine tablets, Rice, Pulse, Salt, Spices, Haldi, Flour, Potato, Onion, Salt, Chura (Poha), Gud (Shakkar), Sugar, Tea, Mustard oil, Vegetable oil, Ghee, Dalda, infant baby's milk, powder, Dermicool Powder, Bottle and Nipple, Horlicks, Health Drink, chocolate, Soyabin burri, Besan burri, Sewai, Biscuit, Namkeen, Mixture, Chips, Pestry, Papad, Noodles, Sattu or Gram.

Medicines :Health checkup kits, Diarrhoea Medicine, Cough syrup, Medicine for fever, Medicine for Malneutrition, Cotton, Bandage, Skin Cream, Quadriderm cream, Savlon, Antiseptic Cream,First Aid Medicines etc.

Kitchen Matteial : Tava, pateela, Handi, Karahi, Balti, Mug, Belan-Chauki, Thali, Glass, Katori, Plastic Dubba (of 10,5 and 1 KG)

Cloths : Saari, Petikot & Nara, Blouse, Dhoti, Lungi, Gamchhi (Towel), Half & Full pant, T-Shirt, full Shirt, Salwar Suit, Dupatta.

Kids cloths: Napkin, Cotton Cloth (White & coloured) Cosmatics : Hair oil, Soap, Detergent cake and powder, Hair band and rubber, Mirror, Comb, Sindur, Bindi, Bangle, Baby's Powder, Oil and Soap, Baby's Napkin, Cotton Cloth, Toys for Baby. Other things : Mombatti (Wax), Matchbox, Torch, Battery, Mosquito Coils with Stand, Plastic Sheets, Rope, Plastic Bags, shoes, shoks, Slipper (Hawai Chappal), Designed tent for temparory latrin, Dari, Chadar, Pillow, bed, bed sheet, forlding coat, Toys for Kids, Umbrella, Lalten & Coal Stove (if possible). Hoping your positive response very soon.

Contacts :

Vinay Tarun (Sr. Sub-Editor, Hindustan, Bhagalpur) - 09234702353

Pushymitra (Sr. Sub-Editor, Hindustan, Bhagalpur)- 09430862739

Ajit Singh (Documentary Film Maker, Bhopal)- 09893122102

Raju Kumar (Bureau Chief, India Press Agency, Bhopal) - 09893252617

Sachin Shrivastava (Dainik Bhaskar, Bhopal)- 09977296039

Basu Mitra (State Resorce Center, Bhopal) - 09826617643

Sandip Naik (State Co-ordinator, The Hunger Project, Bhopal) - 09425919221

Indu Saraswat (Co-ordinator, Bachpan Project, NIWCYD, Bhopal) 09425030307

Ashendra Bhadauriya (Sr. Journalist, Bhopal) 09425782254

Email - biharbaadh@gmail.com

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