Friday, August 1, 2008

her hands shake,

as she holds her new baby. This is about adopting babies, and calling the post, 'Gotcha.'

I sometimes wonder how I will face the kid's growing up and away? And then I wonder why I have such thoughts only when he is fast asleep?

What happens when an independent woman falls in love with her child ? Does she remain independent?


Henri said...

when an independent woman falls in love, whether it is with another person or with her child, she remains independent as long as she doesn't give up doing things for herself! It is important to be the "I" for at least some part of everyday, because that is the only person who will be with one always...all the other relationships are transient. The nest will never be empty, even long after the little birdies are gone, if you have friends and a life beyond them! NOTE: I am not saying that this is easy or desirable.

Unknown said...

independence is a relative word. love is an eternal word. independence has nothing to transform and evolve. love means to grow and transform and grow soft each a time more and more. so when you grow in love gradually you become radiation of love,what remains independent is spirit, and you may end up being love. and mother has so many roles , she is wife, she is woman, ultimately she is the one who knows the man the best wether it is husband or son. so i have no specefic answer to your question but motherhood is such a journey where you see new colors of life where the son who is a man, is eternally your son in this life.