Sunday, August 31, 2008

Releif needed for Bihar flood victims

Dear Shvaas Friends,
An official of the State disaster management department said in Patna on Sunday that nearly 400,000 marooned people have been evacuated and about 150,000 people sheltered in 170 relief camps set up in the affected districts. Reports say that the surging waters of the Kosi river continued to rise in Bihar, inundating fresh areas as hundreds of villages remained under water on the 14th day of the floods on Sunday and millions were displaced and crying for rescue. According to official sources, over 2.5 million people have been affected by the floods in 1,598 villages spread over 15 districts.

At Shvaas we are trying to collect below mentioned relief material and send it to an organization called Goonj. We have been familiar with the work of this organization and trust that they will be able to reach the resources to the most affected and needy citizens.
For many years now, GOONJ has been working extensively in Bihar through its grassroots partners, with a special focus on the annual floods.

Below are the items needed. If you can contribute, than kindly call up at this number: 0999 893 7680 and we can give you an address to drop it off at a Shvaas collection center in Ahmedabad.

Material support-
Dry ration, Medicines, candles & matchbox, torch & batteries, utensils, tarpaulin, feeding bottles, buckets, ropes, bedsheets, all kind of usable clothing & footwear.

Logistical support-

* Transport support to reach the material to effected areas.
* Space for collection centers
* Facilities for local pickups,
* Transportation of material from Ahmedabad to GOONJ processing centers in Delhi, Chennai & Mumbai
* Volunteers for sorting, packing in Ahmedabad, Shvaas

Large quantities of-

Rice, Chiwra, biscuits, packed eatables
Water purifier tablets
Basic medicines
Sarees and children clothing
Tarpaulins or thick polythene
Export surplus/ Cotton cloth for making sanitary napkins
Mosquito nets
Stoves, cooking and water storage utensils/buckets

In solidarity with the people of Bihar,
Nirali Shah
Shvaas Volunteer

Shvaas is a non-profit organization based in India. At Shvaas our goal is simple: to create an environment where we can benefit the community and understand our own lives in the process. The entire organization is volunteer run and has no paid staff. I guess you could say that we are not even an organization, but rather a group of individuals wanting to move our lives towards more kindness and harmonious action.

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Anonymous said...

hi manju,
The details which you given on your blog had helped me a lot for how i can help bihar flood effected people...
thanks,& god bless you.