Monday, August 11, 2008

life is postponed

How does one deal with a head bogged down by continuous procrastination?

when the computer screen needs to be wiped, since a week, maybe more.

when a close relative is sick and lonely in your hometown and you can't even call him up because you don't pray for him?

when you get an sms saying you have to pay your mobile bill just two days after you finally payed up last months bill?

when you have more than a dozen emails to be sent to people you don't know?

when your friend in Tiru calls and tells you that the land prices around the Mountain have shot up to Rs. 15 lakhs per acre and blows your dreams of farming in Tiru ?

when you wonder whether heaven (read Tiru) is a place or a thought or a word?

all I can do whenever I am blue, is to look at the dark night within. Maybe, when the eyes get used to the darkness, a couple of stars start to shine. And then, maybe, a dark outline is silhouetted that reminds me of a mountain.


Henri said...

Ah, I was wondering if there would be light at the end of the dark tunnel of negativity that you wove...and to my surprise, I came into a den full of shining jewels. Wisdom that comes to us within dark moments, is truly like rain from dark clouds :D Love u

Banno said...

Know just how you feel. Take care. And I'm sure by the time you read this, you are already seeing the stars and the silhouette of the mountain.

Smita said...

It is life indeed :)

Everything comes in part n parcel so let life take break and do things that u enjoy :)