Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hide and Seek in the darkness

Are you afraid of the dark? Of course not. You can walk at midnight on a totally dark road without increasing your speed, right?


Swamiji touches the tantra aspect in this video.

He brings me closer to Ramakrishna's Kali. Kali is darkness, he says. Look up at night, if it is a cloudy sky, there She is! Ever penetrating, the mother of light, there is nothing as deep as darkness.

Kali is the basic energy, the mother energy, on which the whole world is moving. She is the form of forms. Means, the form of every single object, the planets, the stars, we are all moving in darkness.

Space is darkness, the color of thoughtlessness is darkness.

This technique, of making friends with darkness, of not going to sleep as soon as you switch off the light, can heal insomnia, chronic fatigue and depression. This is the promise of Nithyananda Swami.

After I saw this video, I suggested to my kid that he call his friends to play Dark Room (hide and seek in darkness)! Since he could get only two of them from the neighborhood, he asked me to give up my comp and join them. :) It was very exiting, slightly scary and heart racing. I realized that as children, we flirted with the fear of dark by playing this game. Darkness is an essential, and equal partner in this game. We played with darkness, in darkness. It's beautiful, to visit childhood through understanding, and not just plain longing.

Tips at how to win this game: Stay put in your dark corner for the longest time possible and others are sure to come out of their holes and get ice-spiced.

Tips for how not to get hurt during this game: Don't run and try to dhappa by racing with the denner. Not if you are a fat mommy.

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