Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music festival at home

Call me mad, call me crazy, run away from me.

But I will continue to listen to this song over and over and over again.

Two days back, life was normal. Then I got a phone call. From Air tel. They played the beginning of this song and then went blah blah. I immediately searched on you tube, for the words, Dil de diya hai jaan and that was it.

In Marathi this process is called 'Dallann.' In the old days the ladies used to sing the same song over and over again as they ground grains. When ever we used to play the same tape more than once a day, mother dear would yell at us to stop the dallann.

But who will stop me now? My heart beats irregularly each time I listen to the words, after such a long long absence of music in my life, I am discovering, enjoying a hindi film song.

Hubby and kid have already left me. They have gone to Poona for a short workshop, leaving me with a 15th August that is stretching for four days.

I hope the landlords upstairs are immune to dallann, or I will have to take to singing aloud on the streets. For I cannot live without this song for a single waking minute.

Please listen to the words carefully, then turn them around. It's not a man singing to his beloved, asking forgiveness for being unfaithful. It is a devotee singing to the Lord.

It is grasshopper singing to her mountain.


Banno said...

That's the beauty of Hindi film songs. They can be interpreted as lust, as love, as devotion to God, as an ode from grasshopper to Mountain.

Didn't dare play your link though. Don't want to get stuck with a tune in my head. :-(

I thought I was the only one who went for long spells without music.

Arvind said...

serendipity, yet again. thanks to the hindi film song, our constant companion & saviour!