Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wall.e, I am not!

Ever since they came back from the Pune trip, father and son are suddenly the best of pals.

Where Papa would first get fed up with the brats questions during a film, now there is a parallel dialogue track continuously going on and on. If I would have recorded it, and added the track to the cd, it would have made the movie 'watchable for the idiots'. There are hardly any dialogues in the film, so this continuous explanation of what, how, where made it quite a rich experience, I must say.

Wall.e, a Pixar animation movie, is a love-story between two robots.

700 years after the earth has been destroyed by humans, destroyed meaning so bad that its rubble after rubble of debris, and not a single green leaf, only cockroaches and a robot called Wall.e are left.

Wall.e is so called because he is a self appointed maker of walls. He collects trash, squeezes it in a cube form, and uses it like a brick. He is also a kabaadi, means a junk collector. For ex, he has a lighter but doesn't know how it is used or what it is used for. He lives in a 'house', where he watches the same video day after day, and wonders why the characters hold hands.

The humans, that is the Americans, have all left in a spaceship, and over the generations, have forgotten many human traits. Like walking, talking, relating to each other. They have all grown fatter with every generation, and they all sit in an arm chair (meaning all the time, since they are babies), with a video screen in front of them.

Every few years, they are programmed to send a robot back to earth to see if it is now re habitable. The robot is to collect pictures of the earth, and her mission is accomplished if she sees a plant. She is glamorous, a newer version, quite cruel, and initially dumb. 'Her' name is Eva.

I ussually cant stand watching a film with too much machinery in it, without any green patches, definately not without a shahrukh khan singing to a kajol. But this movie I recommend to all you romantic souls out there.

Look at the sky! There is a big space out there for romance!

After the baccha slept, we discussed the movie, how it made us 'think'. We thought that yes, we live a more sedentary life than our parents, we are always in front of a screen, even if we want a break all we can think of is another movie.

After a whole day of poking his belly, he suggested something I had to agree, since it better than doing nothing: let us both join a gym! Anyone out there who can tell me how to get the hubby to learn to swim, to dance, to barefoot, join a circus even, anything but doing a robotic thing like joining a gym.

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